Launch of “Dementia Friendly Bradford on Avon”

Launch of “Dementia Friendly Bradford on Avon”

Monday 27 November, St Margaret’s Hall at 2pm – 4pm

This special Seniors Forum event will give an opportunity to learn about and discuss the ticking-time-bomb issue in our ageing society that is dementia.

Information and signposting will be provided to help you find support and recognise the clinical signs of dementia, which can include problems with memory, everyday tasks, communication or perception.

An interactive information session will provide an entry-level introduction to dementia and will lead to the accreditation of each participant as a “Dementia Friend” (and they will receive a badge to prove it!)

Some good practice examples will be highlighted of how organisations can invest in low cost dementia-friendly measures such as staff awareness training, adaptations to premises, internal decoration and furnishings.

Awards will be given to local organisations who have demonstrated good practice and have committed to a simple dementia-friendly action plan, as an exemplar for others to follow.

The partners behind the event are Alzheimers Support, Bradford on Avon Health Partnership, Dorothy House, Holy Trinity Church, Bradford on Avon Seniors Forum, Wiltshire Council and Bradford on Avon Town Council.

Working together over the past 2 years these organisations have formed a Dementia Action Alliance and have delivered a programme of awareness and activity in Bradford on Avon and across the wider community area, which has included dementia awareness sessions, memory cafes, singing for the brain and dementia-friendly concerts and plays.

James Colquhoun, Chairman of the Bradford on Avon DAA commented: “The purpose of the event is to spread the word about the importance of understanding dementia and how this can benefit society and business. We hope to shine a light on the good work that is going on in many quarters and to inspire others to join us on this journey. Our goal, quite simply, is to help Bradford on Avon become recognised as an exemplary dementia-friendly-community”.

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