Trial of One Way System

“Whenever I speak with businesses, residents or visitors to Bradford on Avon the number one issue that is raised with me is, almost always, traffic,” said Michelle Donelan MP.

“I send out a lot of different surveys but have never received response quite like this. To have so many surveys returned, with so much detail, is quite staggering and shows how big an issue the traffic in Bradford on Avon is.

“There is a clear demand for change; the status quo is not an option for the town. Over 75% of people believe that, if sophisticated modelling shows a benefit, a one way system trial would be a positive step. I absolutely agree with them.

“It is now for the Town Council and Wiltshire Council to work together to use the information I have provided to help put a plan in place to reduce traffic congestion in Bradford on Avon. There must now be investment in some traffic modelling to explore what the most effective option might be.”

So Bradford, shall we put put our years of divisive debate behind us and get on and do it?

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