Towpath Mess – Action required – Bradford on Avon, near Sewage works, swing bridge. April 2018

Dear local residents of Bradford on Avon.

Is no one else not upset by the state of the canal towpath near the Sewage works, swing bridge, Bradford on Avon?

There are a collection of 3 or so (the minority) of boaters / boats that are continually using the towpath as their extended dumping ground. I understand boaters need to make repairs (i too was once a boater & value the community) however, we have reached a point where it appears that this stretch of the canal (used by hundreds of local residents of BoA daily) is now reached a “tipping point” (excuse the pun)

Something needs to be done.

Contact the canal river trust:

Write to ask why this area appears not to be managed, policed?
Why Boaters are issued a continuing cruising licence, even if there boat does not have an engine to move?
Why continuing cruising Boaters can be moored allowed to setup camp in one place of the canal for over 6 months to a year, (when i believe its 3 weeks) Its not fair on the other boaters.

Engage with these boaters:

Ask why they cannot clean-up their belongings and not spread across the whole towpath?
Ask why they cannot move?
Offer to help them cleanup.
Ask them if they think its fair that the majority of boaters follow the rules and the don’t have to.
If they

Contact Wiltshire County Council (who manage the Barton country park)

Write to the council, ask them to help clear up this hazzard.
Who is likely to get sued if a someone trips, cycles at night into the towpath junk. Council, CanalTrust, the boat owner?

Pest Control, Noise and Pollution, Environmental Health 0300 456 0107


I realise this is a contentious issue, with different sides.

But finally, lets try and have pride and care for our canal towpath, so we can all share and enjoy.

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